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Artist Residency


AP.AART.MENT77 Artist Residency was an ongoing scheme attempting to make art more accessible and to break the barriers by engaging with art. The project sought to change how and where we can see and experience contemporary art. It was an opportunity where artists were invited to come together to create artwork inspired by a specific location. The chosen site was a council flat in a high-rise called Somerset Estate, which was situated in a very upmarket neighbourhood.

The Artist Residency lasted for seven days.

On the last day, the residents of the council estate were invited to witness our artistic creations for free, to promote the possibility of interaction with our art and allow it to be the centre of a gathering. With the goal to create a possibility of interaction and coming together through art, there was an open studio on the last day for the building's residents and the Somerset estate.

City of Home

In collaboration with Adris Bento

I collaborated with one of the artists in the residency. We decided to build an imaginary city called ‘Home’ to depict the significant gentrification issues nowadays. We used the entire studio space as the city and each room as boroughs, as metaphors. Then we played a performance aiming to draw a discourse between two mighty city builders, one who values economic benefits and the other who values social benefits.

Interpreting the property as a city!

Installation: we used Post-it to depict classes and how gentrification affects them.  At the end of the performance, the pinks are pushed out of the property.


Pinks pushed out of the property

Open Studio

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