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Forced Choice



Acrylic on canvas 

Individual work


The same make-up, the same hairstyle and the same outfit etc. Korean women can be easily recognised by their looks.

Due to the social emphasis on appearance, women in Korea are encouraged, almost forced to invest in their looks. Thus, many of them can’t even leave home without putting on make-up. When there is someone who does not follow the trend of beauty, people tend to judge the person as ‘not normal’.

Korean women are often known as they are good at taking care of themselves. However, they do not have a choice but keep doing their best to show that they care about their appearance in order to survive in Korean society. 

This project portrays the ugly face of Korea’s obsession with women looking forever flawless. It speaks out in metaphorical language with an ironic image.




How should we remember?


Generally, women are compared to a flower in Korea. Besides, flowers are considered as a symbol of beauty.

I developed the idea associated with this traditional image of women in Korea. The idea illustrated with the Korean style of flower. A flower heads up toward the sun and needs to be watered to survive. It must be beautiful to be attentive, useful. All of these have been chosen by flower itself? It's all about survival.

Idea Development


Research of female postures was done to construct the elements for the initial sketch. The reason that the same faces of the women can both means a critical view of Korea’s obsession of following beauty trend caused by social pressure and their desire to be beautiful in every way.

Posture Research


Initial Sketch



Media Experiment

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