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Pierrot Lunaire

Illustration  / Animation


Digital Drawing


What can be created when classical music and contemporary art work together? A collaboration project between students from across the Royal College of Art and the Royal College of Music interrogated this question. 

Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire composed in the 20th century is known for its atonal style which means it’s not in the traditional mix of keys that we associate with classical music of previous centuries. It consists of 3 parts with 7 poems each.

This work interprets Part 1, which is about a pierrot who is intoxicated by the moon and dreams of love or lust, with repeated images of blood and illness. These images were inspired by the poems that the music is based on. The music itself is very disorienting, chaotic, and appears paradoxical to the listener. This intense artwork is non-narrative and non-sequential to reflect the absurd and bizarre atmosphere of the music.

In Collaboration with:

Royal College of Music



Installation at the Royal College of Art


Installation at the Royal College of Art

Live concert at the Royal College of Music

A Collaboration Project


Royal College of Art



Royal College of Music

IMG_3127 copy.png

Idea Brainstorming

Design concept of the Moon

Pierrot-Lunaire copy.jpg

The Moon who is looked upto by the pierrot was aimed to be very beautiful, seductive, and admirable but somehow creepy and grotesque.

IMG_8948 copy.png
IMG_8948 copy.png

Experimental models made with clays

Display ideas for the RCA 2022 Show


After the live concert at the Royal College of Music, the project was developed to be displayed at the Royal College of Art 2022 Show. The challenge was to bring the live concert experience to the exhibition space.  

The first idea was to make a one-man cinema. The audience was expected to climb up a ladder to see the inside of the moon like the Pierrot in the music.

IMG_0227 copy.png
IMG_0281 copy.png

A real-size prototype model

IMG_0380 2 copy.jpg

In order to enhance the power of imageries, the idea was shifted to display multiple screens and play the videos all at the same time. So that the audience can be immersed in the atmosphere and feel the surreal vibe along with the music

Pierrot Lunaire_1_Illustration.jpg


The artworks were inspired by the poems that the music is based on and heavy lights and spatial depth were used to create a powerful ambience.

Loop animation

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